Unprecedented cutting and milling precision

Zünd Unprecedented cutting and milling precision

With our digital cutting and milling
machine, we are able to meet current and
future challenges flexibly and efficiently.
The Twentse Stalenmakerij has been the expert
in the presentation of swatch assemblies since
1983. Swatches are used in all kinds of industries to
demonstrate materials and products.

Everything is custom-made, and a wide variety of materials are used. Think of materials such as wallpaper, carpeting, blinds, leather, window film, fabrics, tablecloths; you name it, and we can process it. This machine can literally cut
anything, allowing us to extract any desired shape from any material.

The currently installed machine is a true all-rounder with tabletop dimensions of 3200 mm by 2270 mm (LxW).

This machine, with its 3.6 kW milling module and automatic cutter changer, also includes a Power Rotary Tool for cutting (technical) textiles, a creasing tool and V-cut tool for making grooves and, of course, the versatile Universal Cutting Tool.

If you are interested, please contact us about the
possibilities for the work you want us to process.