Promotional flooring panels

Promotional flooring panels

Would you like to create a professional image with your PVC, laminate or parquet flooring samples? We can beautifully process any type of floor samples into high-quality floor show panels.

The floor panels can be made completely according to your wishes. For example, consider adding a handle (as shown in the photo).

The show panel can also be provided with a label with a logo. To continue to convey the high-quality appearance in every element of the display, the logo can be engraved on a laser engraving plate. Equipped with, for example, a QR code so that the customer can read all information.

High-quality workmanship and a display that radiates quality.
The perfect advertisement!

In addition to the show panels, a lot of work is also done with hand samples. Also called Swatches, bundles, fans, architect folders or samples. See a small selection of the possibilities in the photos shown. These are used, for example, for stair renovations or to promote a small selection of colors together from a series.

Tailored advice

Do you already know exactly what the promotion of your floors should look like or would you like to be inspired and advised first?

With more than 35 years of experience, we can provide you with appropriate advice to achieve the perfect result for you as a customer.

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