Personalised promotional gifts

Personalised promotional gifts

Promotional gifts are always fun or to give away… It can do wonders for your brand awareness if you personalise it with your own logo and/or house colours. We can arrange this personalisation for you. By means of laser engraving we can provide different types of materials with a desired text or (company) name.

Smaller or large quantities The Twente Stalenmakerij can arrange it for you. We have a lot of experience in laser engraving.

Discuss the possibilities of personalising promotional gifts

Are you curious about the possibilities of personalising business gifts with laser engraving? Please contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

Windows stickers
Windows stickers
Wallpaper sample books
Wallpaper samples

Cover: one-piece or double bonded. You can choose from several designs; you can get ornamental-, decorative-, rounded- and protective corners; transparent with PVC or propylene.


cardboard, plastered with prints or binding with for instance Balacron.

Prints: the books can be printed with silk-screen, engraving, foil or digitally.