Labelling products

Labelling products

Imported products are often not yet ready to be delivered to the consumer or end user. These products still need to be provided with Dutch labels or stickers, for example.

This is a labour-intensive job when it comes to a considerable number of products that need to be labelled.

At the Twentse Stalenmakerij, (re)labelling products is no problem at all. Thanks to an equipped production line, we can also quickly apply stickers or labels to larger quantities of products.

Costs of labelling products

The costs to label your products depends on the number and processing time of the labelling. If the stickers have to be affixed very accurately and straight, as is the case with tags or labels, for example, the rate will then be higher than if stickers may be applied ‘randomly’ to the product.

Production of (biodegradable) stickers or labels

Do you not have any stickers yet and are you looking for a partner who can produce stickers or labels for you? This, too, is part of the process that the Twentse Stalenmakerij can take care of for you. Whether it involves ‘simple’ square stickers or biodegradable stickers or even tailor-made stickers (round, punched, etc.) these are all among the possibilities.

Contact us for labelling products

Are you curious about the possibilities in the field of product labelling? Please fill in our contact form. If you would like to know what we can do for you straight away, please contact us by telephone.

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